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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Yvonne DiVita on "The Power of We"

The following is a conversation that Yvonne DiVita and I shared over the course of a couple of weeks via email. The conversation has been edited. We had some fun putting this together and we think you'll enjoy it!

Steve: As a member of the Team Synergy, we spent month the month of March talking about what makes great leadership. I noticed that we (the blog Synergy) did not get much interaction from female bloggers and raised this as our team challenge for this month. The full posting is here.
The recap of March's discussion can be found here and here.
If you would be interested in sharing your two cents on this matter, I would like to explore this with you.
Yvonne: This is interesting. The Google Fight thing is totally anti-female - but as a way to waste time for a bit of fun, I can see women embracing it.
I'm not surprised that your Power of We did not get interaction from the ladies - it's not because we wouldn't be interested, it's because, as with everything on the net, if we don't know about it, we cannot participate. I'd love to talk with you about this - after reviewing your links. This is a wonderful focus - and one that the ladies will be interested in.
Your interest in the concept of leadership is timely - I'm pursuing just this thought personally, in my business and with a gentleman who is writing on it, from years of practice (he used to advise Jack Welch!). It's really a strong topic today.
BTW, I tried to leave a comment at the blog - but I don't remember my blogger account information (I use it so seldom), and I'm not willing to start a whole new account. There's a big turn off, right there. You'll notice that Lip-sticking has no such requirement. (I don't mind having to fill in the little box, to prove I'm a person...but, when I get to a blog that makes me 'sign in' - I just go away, and seldom come back. Sorry.)
Steve: Thanks on multiple accounts:
1 - for the feedback on the blogger sign in. It is a group blog and I had not noticed that aspect of the sign in. The squiggle letter test is more than enough for me personally. I'll see what we can do to enable anonymous comments. I agree it is a big turn off.
2 - I agree with you on the "if you don't know, you can't play". The group is starting to gain some momentum. Last month was the first organized topic and I thought it natural to extend it to involve the women.
3 - by deliberately reaching out to women like yourself, we will be accomplishing part of our goal, but more importantly, the conversation that results can lead us into.... well, who knows? We'll just have to find out.
Let me know when you have had a chance to review some of the background links. By that time, we should have come up with some "standard" questions to use for our interview.
Yvonne: Thanks for understanding. Do me a favor - I so want to pursue this. I did look at a few of the links, but need to review them more closely, to be honest. Just me. I like to get my head around what I'm talking about. But, if too much time seems to be going by (weeks and weeks!) nudge me. Remind me. I seem to be on an upswing right now - all good, but your idea of the Power of We is a great focus so...though I may seem to be neglecting or ignoring you, I'm not. I may just be typing as fast as I can...hoping to get to the 'fun' things eventually. When the 'fun' things write to remind me, I often slap my forehead and say, "Yeah - I deserve a few minutes to pursue that."
It's not only good of you to include women, it's something I like to talk about now and then - the fact that men do like us. Just as we like them! Would that we (you and I and others like us) can show the world that men and women know how to play nice together. Albeit, we may still disagree on things now and then. ;-)
Steve: There is no hurry on this. We'll take one day at a time. I am grateful for your participation in this and will not bug you.
If this weren't FUN then seriously, I would not be doing this at all. I do have a full time job to do more than hold, never mind taking care of the household matters, paying attention to my wife's to do listing (heaven help me if something slips on that while I'm blogging), assisting my high school senior in determining where she will end up next year, and we'll you know, the list goes on...
So don't worry; follow the links, think about it in amongst your list of other things to do and we'll get together some time to discuss this. The collaboration will be good when we get to it and it will have been worthwhile. That is the bottom line for me.
Stay tuned for Part 2 where Yvonne explains why "Women just don't like taking 'No' for an answer."
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