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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Where are all the women bloggers

Many people wonder why we don't have a lot of women bloggers involved with the Blog Synergy. Is it because we have overlooked women? Maybe we do not value women in the corporate world? With the group that makes up The Blog Synergy, I can say that this is not the case. Rosa Say is one of the finest and most effective leaders I have been involved with. The male members of The Blog Synergy are some of the most forward thinking people I know. So, why has it been so difficult to recruit women bloggers.

It is not that women do not blog. There are some really great blogs hosted by women. I don't really know the answer, so I will have to take a huge guess. I think it is hard to recruit women because they are very busy. If most women are anything at all like my wife, they barely get time to sleep at night. Women are busy taking care of children and caring for households. Most are working mothers and active members of school organizations for their children. They are soccer, baseball, basketball, football, cheerleading, and whatever else moms. Many are coaches, girl scout leaders, neighborhood leaders, youth league board members, nurse, holiday planner, vacation planner, family shopper, banker, family accountant, and just about everything else you can think of. This is all done after they have prepared the meals, washed the clothes, cleaned the house, and worked a full day at the office. Somewhere in all this they find time to do a few things for themselves, like take a bath and maybe watch Survivor or American Idol. Oh and get this, many are single moms to boot. This means they get no help from a spouse.

It may be a little difficult for some to get involved with blogging, but when they do, they are usually just as outstanding as they are in their other roles. I know I have not come close to describing all the many roles women play. Please feel free to add to the list. With this being said, we welcome all comments and contributions from a very special group of people. The true leaders and the power of WE.


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