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Friday, March 03, 2006

Open a new trail

Ronni Bennett has a wonderful piece telling the story about a lobster. Briefly, in order for a lobster to grow, it needs to shed its shell. The new shell takes 72 hours to harden. For that 72 hours, the lobster is the most vulnerable. Then the new shell forms, hardens, and life goes on.
We have discussed much along the same lines here. How we need to try something new, leading or following, simple steps, etc.
Suppose you do try something new, take the road less traveled. Along the way you find something that you had not known about before, perhaps another kindred spirit in the blogosphere. You want to share that new site with someone, with other kindred spirits. You can.
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Blogosphere was conceived as a kind of log book at the trail head. You sign in and when you complete the trail, you add some comments. These comments help the other hikers that come along after you. 
As you continue to explore the wonderful internet world, particularly the blogs amongst us, you can share what you find. The details can be found here.
Ultimately, you get at least two benefits for exploring.
  • One because you did explore. You stretched.
  • Two for sharing. And with sharing comes that magical power of "we".
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