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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Will you lead, or will you follow?

Tomorrow will be a defining day for people everywhere.

Tomorrow is January 23rd, the fourth Monday of the month, in a year where we have five of them, Ekahi ka Pō‘akahi o Ianuali, i.e. the force of five Mondays for Ka lā hiki ola, i.e. our dawning of a new day in a brand new year. Ianuali is the Hawaiian word for January, Pō‘akahi the word for Monday. Ekahi is 5.

It may have been a bit difficult to read that first paragraph with all the Hawaiian thrown in, however I did so because of the strong language of intention within the words:

—Monday is thought of globally as the beginning of the week: the resting ball starts rolling again everywhere.
—Beginnings are powerful: they set the stage for all which will follow.
—January is doubly powerful: it is the beginning of a whole new year.
—And in this year, in this already doubly powerful first month, we have the gift of five powerful first starts. First launchings of the ball rolling toward synergy as it builds momentum, going faster, and faster, and faster.

Ekahi ka Pō‘akahi o Ianuali. The force of five Mondays.

Do not resist: allow the energy of this time to work for you.

This is the time when New Years resolutions fall to the wayside for many, and I urge you to consider this: They fall to the wayside for those who are content with following and subconsciously have chosen not to lead.

There is self-leadership as much as there is self-motivation and self-determination. Are you seizing an opportunity for leadership in 2006, at this very ripe time, where people are in that mindset to choose: Will I lead this year, or will I follow?

And if you choose to follow, is it only because another leadership initiative has emerged that you are excited about and energized by, one you have deliberately chosen to own and put your signature on as you follow another’s lead— at first.

Here on the blog Synergy, we are back in the canoe and paddling to the dream. We are challenging each other offline (in our conversations and relationships) and online (blogging in our network of provocative thought) to lead with intention.

Pick up your paddle and get ready for your tomorrow.
Is it the paddle of the steersman?

Tomorrow can be your defining moment, your best first start, your Ka lā hiki ola.

Yes, the beach is nice, the sun strong and seductive. But it is time to launch the canoe, for an ocean of opportunity awaits us.


  • At 11:08 AM, Blogger Steve Sherlock said…

    Rosa, leading or following, I am finding my way and finding that others like yourself (amongst those in particular with Team Synergy and the Ho'ohana Community) will be traveling along that way as well.

    The way of the goose comes to mind. (I'll have to do a separate posting on that rather than lengthening this comment.) Simply, the common sight of geese flying in their V formation would lead one to assume that there always one leader. Not true, the leader changes. Leading is tough flying. The leader is breaking the wind and making it easier for the others to fly in the draft. After so long, the leader falls to the rear, and another leader takes over.

    Moving this group along the path will be easier if we all imitate the way of the geese. Each can lead for that moment, or conversation and then step back for another to lead in their specialty. The journey may be long, but we will all arrive there together and not overtired.

    We can take turns leading and following and thus all will reach a glorious achievement.

  • At 12:10 PM, Blogger Rosa Say said…

    Absolutely Steve, I am so with you on this!

    Following is not a bad thing when it is purposeful:
    Again, "if you choose to follow, is it only because another leadership initiative has emerged that you are excited about and energized by, one you have deliberately chosen to own and put your signature on as you follow another’s lead— at first."

    I know of the way of the goose you refer to, and it is the perfect complement to my post, mahalo for adding your mana‘o (thoughts) to this so perceptively. I look forward to your posting to come!

    Imua, let’s paddle forward,

  • At 7:28 PM, Blogger Nick Roy said…

    If "January is doubly powerful...the beginning of a whole new year," then this year for me started off with a bang in the negative sense.

    Three weeks ago I lost my mom to a sudden heart attack. I mean sudden. There was no indication that anything was wrong. If she was feeling chest pains before, why didn't she say anything.

    I left to go to the library in the morning to do some research, and when came back home I see my mom passed out on the floor breathing heavily. Luckily my dad was there, but she eventually died at the hospital.

    This situation has shocked me backed to reality. To reorganize my priorities in life, such as getting my consulting practice up and running. My pursuit at a Ph.D is taking on a new perspective as well.

    I am in the back of my mind I do wonder if there is a spell that I can write to swap souls with my pass life to this time last year to undo what was.

  • At 9:27 AM, Blogger Rosa Say said…

    My aloha to you and your Dad Nick; I am so sorry to hear that your mom is no longer with you.

    However she lives on within you, for the very ha you breathe in your aloha, the breath of your life, came from her to begin with! There is no need to swap lives with another, and deep down I don't think you want to. Far better to build on your own talents and strengths so you continue to live your life in celebration of your gifts as your mahalo to your mom.

    I have read your writing, and you have become a valued contributor to our Ho'ohana Community, so do just that - Ho'ohana! We are here to support you.
    A hui hou, malama pono,

  • At 1:47 PM, Blogger Trevor Gay said…


    That is an awful start to the New Year. I am so sorry for you and your family

    Eleven years ago we lost my beloved Dad in similar circumstances. He had no history of heart disease and died at 70 years of age. It was very sudden and a great shock to us all. We hurt inside for a long time and we could not understand why it happened. Time has not enabled me to forget this event but I remember the good things of my Dad and feel honoured to have been part of his life.

    It does sometimes seemed difficult to imagine life without someone you love but you will come through this as a stronger person. Do focus on your studies and do it for your Mom. She will be watching over you and helping you through this.

    One of the most wonderful things that Blog Synergy offers you is understanding and support of a virtual kind. Do take up Rosa’s offer of support from all of us in the Blog Synergy Team and remember you are only parted from your Mom temporarily. She is holding your hand in everything you do and guiding you through all your challenges.

  • At 8:28 PM, Blogger Phil Gerbyshak said…

    Nick - My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family in this time of struggle. May you gain the clarity, strength and discernment to help your family in this time of great need. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you.

  • At 12:58 PM, Blogger Steve Sherlock said…

    Nick, I can not add anything more to what my partners have already expressed. Feel comfortable here amongst us. The "power of we" is available.

  • At 4:55 PM, Blogger Felix Gerena said…

    A very beautiful metaphor, Rosa. Monday in Basque -astelehena- means literally "the first of the week". The ancient Basques thought the week had three days, the first of the week, the middle (day) of the week and the end of the week. I don´t know how they imagined their weekly calendar those days. But as Monday means the day of the moon it is also inspirational of night-time projects. Of projects cooked under a the light of the moon.


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