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Saturday, February 18, 2006

For the book writer

For the writer with a goal to put together a book, you might want to check out this new site: Blurb. I found this via eHub, a creation of Emily Chang and a very good source of new tools for all kinds of things to do.
I check it periodcially and this one caught my eye.
Others that did in the visit today were
Ziemeer - Jan from Amsterdam has made "a spoof of the million dollar homepage by giving free publicity to the sites we like."
StikiPad - A hosted wiki solution that gives you an easy way to organize and share information with others.
This one, StikiPad, might be good to explore as an addition to what we have here at the blog Synergy or on our individual blogs. While the blog format is good for enabling our conversations, to have the ready reference for all the items in our subject areas does not always fit well in the blog format.
I am going to start to play with this one to see how it could work. I like the wiki concept and am fearful of the wiki abuses (as made public by events at wikipedia and the failure of the wiki by the LA Times). (Well, I might go slowly on this one. I just signed up for an account and the "free" portion does not provide a lot of the basics I think I would need from the wiki to really test it. I am blogging on a zero dollar budget for the time being.)
Food for thought to start this weekend.
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  • At 2:51 AM, Blogger Felix Gerena said…

    These are great tools. I will probably use some of them in the close future.


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