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Monday, February 27, 2006

BrandYou 50 Reminder

Picked up the second copy I kept on my book shelf of Tom Peters BrandYou 50 to give to my daughter Carolyn. She is a senior in high school (yes, and fighting senioritis). She is faced with her decision as to where she will go to school next year. Needs to make her final decision/deposit by May First. (I wonder how many high school seniors are making a "Mayday" call right about now?) But the decision is larger than where she will go, it really sets her up for what she will do, be, work, etc.
What is a "Carolyn Sherlock"?
Not an easy question for someone not yet 18. Sometimes not an easy question for someone older, especially these days. The life we thought we knew is changing in front of us.
Where will we be in five years? A ridiculous question!
Where will we be next month?
Hence finding this in the intro of BrandYou 50 gives it additional poignancy:
Brand You is as personl as it gets. Brand You = Who You Are. Perhaps, then, you'll be surprised at how often we get to say; "Get together with a number of your colleagues to consider..." Well, Brand You is personal... but it is also a Team Sport. The team, this time, is probably not your formal work group. Instead it's a Collection of Kindred Spirits... Brand You Wannabees, as I often call them in the book. That is this "stuff" calls for lots of chewing over. And, we've learned in our training programs, such masticating is immeasurably more effective when a small group of Brand You Seekers gathers together, formally or informmally. Hey, for many/most of us this is pretty frightening --- if ultimately liberating --- stuff. And frightening stuff goes down better with a support group. 
About the only passion I have currently not covered with this support group of kindred spirits is poetry. And this of course, this recognizes that the close inner circle of family and friends is already present and accounted for.
What about your support?
Are you in good company?
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  • At 4:55 AM, Blogger Troy Worman said…

    Brand You 50 is one of my favorites. And The Project 50 and the Service Firm 50. And... I think passing along Brand You to CS is an excellent idea. My daughter is only 6. 7 in April. I can't imagine...


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