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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Write an Elevator Speech...For someone else

Adrian Trenholm writes today about a dinner he had with Jason Womack. Jason has taken the idea of an elevator speech to an entirely new and cool level. Jason says we should take the time to craft a 30 second elevator pitch… for someone else, so you can properly introduce them when they are in your midst. Jason mentions doing this for your loved ones, which is a great place to start with this brilliant idea.

Another great thing to do would be to determine your list of friendlies that you want to feed, and take the time to craft a pitch for at least 5 of them a week. Then, after you've crafted your pitch for them, send it to them and ask them how they would tweak their introduction. Keep doing the process until you've got a nice introduction that is in your words, and contains the important information your friendly wants to share with others.

It takes some work to do this right, no doubt about it, but it'll be so worth it when you're done, to have in your pocket a great way to introduce those special people in your life.

The Power of We!

Phil Gerbyshak

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