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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why do you try?

From Wil at ThroughTh3Wall comes this:

Victory is heavy in the scales, but so is ease, so is my life with all of these demands of time, energy and stamina, it would be easy to stop here. Or would it? I am ten people for what seems like ten-thousand people, and this is exhausting enough on most days. But I can’t give in or let up or things will spin loose, and I’ve worked too hard to build this world. I’ve worked too hard for the impossible, and it’s mine for as long as I can keep the reins.

That’s what Ironman is for me. It is the culmination of my statement to this world that no matter what comes for me, though I don’t invite it, I will survive it. I will beat the odds and surmount all obstacles, and I will have it all be damned what the magazines say, what the news says, this is my life. And it is what I make it.

I think athletes have it easier to set a goal and reach it than most working folk. The time or distance of a performance is out there for all to see and compare to whomever has ever competed in that event.

But the office worker, the knowledge worker... crafting a spreadsheet, or preparing a memo, or marketing campaign... I'm sure there are dozens of examples, how are they comparable?

So why do you try?


  • At 11:08 AM, Blogger Rocky said…

    I think it is an inate quality of man to try to achieve. i believe that there are 7 motives of behavior belonging, Achievement, recognition, fear, shame, anger, and greed. There are, without a doubt, more things that motivate people, But, I think most things tie back to these seven motives. They are very powerful motivating forces. They are what makes me try.


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