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Monday, December 19, 2005

Breaking Stride

Feeling a little out of sorts tonight. Bloglines is down. Oh, they told us in advance so I have no complaint. But I miss it.

On the one hand it is hard to admit that I do, but I do. I had put away some stuff in my Discoveries folder to write for the Hitchhiker's Guide and I haven't posted there for over a week. So Bloglines will be my new excuse to not catch up.

I even tried reading the blogroll on my own page and kept closing the window, instead of paging back. I got so in the habit of closing the window after clicking through from Bloglines.

But breaking stride is a good thing. Kind of like going camping in the woods, and living out of a tent for some time. When you come home, you have a renewed appreciation for running water and a soft bed.

Being mindful of your surroundings. Stopping to smell the roses. Well, not really in New England at this time of year, its more like checking the snow/crystal formation along the gutter. The slow water trickling along creating a world of sparkle.

Appreciating being able to write. To cruise the net, even without my Bloglines partner.

Thanks for the inspiration Patti!

Now, I really should get to wrapping some presents. That can't wait.


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