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Monday, January 02, 2006

Do or not do, there is no try!

Yoda's phrase caught my eye as I was catching up with Patti Digh's writing at 37Days. She posted two gems last week (she usually does just one a week) and I find these appropriate to start the new year:

We know there are sixteen ways to avoid saying “no” in Japanese. In the United States, “I’ll try” is one of them. What’s another? The ubiquitous “we’ll see.” Neither demonstrates much intention or direction, do they?

"We'll see" is part of my regular lexicon. I find myself using it often. I felt no issue with its use until today. I realized that unless I more fully expressed myself on the options I had thought about and were considering, the listeners would not have understood how definite I felt the "we'll see" really was.

I do take a determined approach to life's matters. I know I want to do things in just such a way to achieve a good experience. Much of this approach, while heavily thought out, is completely internal. I realize that unless I take the time to express these thoughts and options, the others would not be on the same page with me. Would not be able to understand the rationale for the "quick" decision. Would not be able to follow me with the same intention as I had.

Hence forth, more sharing.

More expression of intent.

In addition to more seeing, there will be more saying!


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