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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quotes and Links

Ronni Bennett has an excellent posting at A Time Goes By from which this snippet should entice you to go read the WHOLE thing.

So there seems to be an abstract land of happiness somewhere that we are incessantly urged to find. But I think we may already be there if we ignore the outside directives and define our own happiness.

Rocky Noe has a good posting on What is Passion? and concludes that the two key attributes are gratitude and grace.

Passionate people tend to be winners and always seem full energy and life. They are fun to be around and tend to challenge you in personal and professional pursuits. They have a purpose that is bigger than lifes problems.

Passionate people tend to be full of grace. They have a calm knowing that they will meet their objectives. They are confident and want to give that confidence to others.


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