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Monday, December 05, 2005

The road witch trial

Found this via Mark Hurst at the Good Experience Blog who is periodically announcing the speakers for the upcoming GEL Conferences.

One of the speakers at the Copenhagen conference will be Ted Dewan (bio), who recently pioneered a new way to slow traffic on his residential street in Britain.

Check out the new way!

What I like about this is the simplicity of the solution. (Yes, Trevor... can't get away from this theme these days!).

What will slow down speeders?

What kind of objects?
Something they would not want to hit.

What don't they want to hit?
Something that they would rather look at.

Of course, if you haven't followed the link yet to check out Ted's solution, do so please!

Do you have a speeding problem in your neighborhood?

Wouldn't this be worth a try?


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