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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Lisa Williams - Local Blogging

Via Halley's Comment, I found this good piece on Local Blogging by Lisa Williams.

A fairly long piece compared to most blogging posts but well worth it.

Lisa tells of how she developed H2OTown and began writing her "citizen journal" to capture and report the info that doesn't make it to the papers at all, or makes it to the papers late. Watertown has a weekly paper that doesn't publish much real news and when they do it is well after the news was really new.

The decline of newspapers has been discussed well elsewhere. Lisa provides a nice summary from her perspective on how that is really happening and how the growth of "citizen journalism" will step up to fill that void when the local papers stop the printing presses.

Read it!

Two examples in her posting of blogs that are serving the purpose of providing local news for their community. One is a group effort, multiple authors. One is a solo effort. Both are successful. I would tend toward the group effort. No single point of failure. Others can help cover. And each point of view contributes to the whole. The multiple view point would help address any question of balanced reporting, or would it?

What do you think?


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