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Monday, November 21, 2005

Bioteaming Manifesto

I just posted on an article I found on Ken Thompson's blog and as I continued to explore, I found this manifesto that I think would be most interesting for us to explore.

If there is a good answer to the question he raises, we might be able to use it.

Cooperative processes are not the automatic results of implementing collaborative, real-time communication technologies, but the result of a carefully designed and systematically maintained virtual team development plan.

For those of you who have already exposed themselves to the positive advantages made available by the use of cutting-edge communication and collaboration technologies, this should sound as a familiar melody. How many times have you been witness to technologically-based collaboration projects that have miserably failed? Why is there so much disjoint between technology potential and the productive use that business team members make of them?

If the solution is not in the technology enabling such networked business teams to easily interoperate, where is it then?

I'll be reading the rest of this shortly.... I am intensely curious now...

Updated: The manifesto was published by ChangeThis in November, 2005.


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