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Monday, November 21, 2005

Credit for trying

I read about a new effort to develop a standard in The Bumble Bee today. I must say that in this case, I'll give them credit for trying but reserve final judgement until I see what the outcome is.

Frank Post, Marketing Director of British Standards said,

"With outsourcing and off-shoring becoming typical operations for business, there is an increased emphasis on managing effective external relationships. In larger organizations there is also often a need to manage internal relations between businesses and departments. The new standard on relationship management will provide a structure for managing these effectively".

“The standard will address the most challenging aspect of relationship management by providing a strategic framework to facilitate cooperation and integration. It will have wide applications for Government, Industry and Societal organizations on how to collaborate and manage valuable business relationships,” said Mr Post.

I can see standards for processes, whether service or manufacturing but for managing relationships? Gee have we come thus far that we need a standard on how to behave when working together?

Let see, we already have policies on diversity, affirmative action, sexual harrassment... the list goes on. I guess I answered my own question.


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