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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cat's Meow

Doing the dishes is not as much of a chore for my in our house here in Franklin as it may be for some. The kitchen sink is located below the window looking out into our backyard. We can view the summer green, the winter shadows, and especially at this time of year, the autumn colors as the tree that surround the yard turn and eventually fall. One of New England's treasures.

But more importantly, on the window sill itself, we have our collection of Cat's Meow pieces we have accumulated over the years.

The Presbyterian Church in Flemington, NJ

Runners in the Falmouth Road Race

Palmer House Inn, Falmouth, MA

The Chapel at Assumption College

US Grant's house in Galena, IL

and a similar piece of Mt. Kathadin, ME but it is not an offical Cat's Meow brand item.

So standing there to do the dishes,
I can glance up from the suds,
and then step into another time and place.
Yes, I know I am supposed to be mindfull of what I am doing.
But for those moments,
the slipping away is so easy
inspired by the sight of the item.
It makes the time (and the work) pass by!

Such a simple item.
Clearly priced for the tourist trade.
(They are not cheap but they are not expensively made either.)
With a life time of memories.

Food for thought?

What else can be simply made to provide such memories
and equally importantly, an income?


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