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Monday, October 03, 2005

What's the framework?

From Patricia Digh at 37Days comes another great post:
... information isn’t terribly useful unless you have a larger framework and context in which to put it, use it, apply it, alter it, frame it, change it. Learning one thing is not useful. Learning how to learn about that one thing is. Perhaps that marks the difference between mindlessness and mindfulness, between idiocy and fluency, or between buying tourist souvenirs and being on the short end of a firing squad.

Between giving a person a fish and teaching that person how to fish...

I'll admit I did cause both my daughter's some aggrevation during their trips to my desk or chair with their homework. "Daddy, can you help me?"

I never gave them the answer directly. Yes, I was cruel.
I asked them questions to lead them to the answer for themselves.
I think it is better that way.

So if you ask me a question, let me alert you that I may ask you a question (or two) in return.
Old habit!

Do you want an answer or do you want the way to answer questions?


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