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Thursday, September 29, 2005

smart glasses - a challenge

From sonjab over at comes this interesting posting on the development of some smart glasses.

This invention describes devices and methods that can help people process images and text. More specifically, it can simplify text for those who may have a learning disability, assist individuals with color blindness, and enable a person to see translated language. All of this is accomplished with glasses or goggles that actually transform the content that an individual sees.

“I was in Haifa for work and had a hard time finding my way around because I could not read the street signs,” said Sorensen, one of the inventors. “Something of a science fiction fan, it occurred to me that a simple combination of a number of technologies that IBM was working on could be used to solve this very real problem.”

Now, this sounds like synergy to me!

What's next?

If you had the magic wand that could create something, what would you create?

What problem would you solve?


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