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Saturday, September 10, 2005

High Expectations = Success

This article from the Boston Sunday Globe (9/4/05) (free registration required) makes some very good points about dealing with teenagers. I would suggest that these same points can be applied to others with equal validity.

In an interview with Globe correspondent Luis Andres Henao, Susan Rodgerson spoke about her work to empower youths through jobs and art education and was quoted as saying:

"... I believe that we have to have the highest expectations for young people. We have to believe that young people can give you 100 percent..."

Expectations are so crucial to determining success. What do you expect? What you expect you'll think about. Your thoughts will help determine your actions. Your actions will determine the outcome.

If you avoid the little voices of the gremlins that can distract, decieve, distort, etc... You will succeed.

Now, the major caveat here is that the expectations must be somewhat realistic. Yes, in my 51 year old body, I am not going to set a world record in the 400M run. In my prime, it was not possible. I just did not have those genes. But within that harsh reality, there is still a world of progress. There are still personal records to work towards.

The sports/athletic analogy is an easy one to grasp. It is more difficult to talk about work situations in the same way. Gee will this spreadsheet analysis convince them that this deal is the best ever? But the concept is the same.

What expectations do you have of yourself?

What expectations do you have of others?

If they are not high (but within the bounds of reality) expectations, I suggest you go back and think about readjusting them.

BTW - Congratulations to Susan and the others who are assisting in making her program a success. We need more of this.


  • At 7:15 PM, Blogger Troy Worman said…

    Great post! Thank you.

    The same can be said of our expectations of ourselves. Make them high, but make them realistic.

  • At 6:53 AM, Blogger Felix Gerena said…

    A great topic, Steve. In my experience, it is important to remove any kind of obstacles in our road. Sometimes we have in mind some kind of project and we feel powerlees, we think there will be thousands of obstacles before we reach it, that we will never be able to achive our dream.

    I think that is an important moment. The high expectations are sometimes our most beloved expectations that we think are impossible to be reached.

    In my opinion, a good coaching work should focus on removing obstacles and sustaining the souls while we find the broadest path. It´s like the flow of a river that finnally finds a channel.

  • At 4:20 PM, Blogger Trevor Gay said…


    One of my favourite quotes is from Tom Peters;

    "Powerlessness is a state of mind not a state of reality"

    I would sign up to that.

    The comfortable road is to set your standards low and the chances are you will always achieve them.

    I have never been motivated in my life or my career by anyone who has a negative view about things.

  • At 3:04 AM, Blogger Steve Sherlock said…

    Excellent points, team! We are starting to roll...


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