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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Penguin Paradox

Penguins represent a paradox of innovation and narrative in organisations. Penguins are considered one of the most sociable species on the planet, and often live as a flock on an iceberg or cliff. Both fear and food reside in the same place - in the water. The fish as food and the sharks as fear. So now, how do you get the first of the flock into the water? The answer: the flock pushes the pengiun closest to the edge into the water to see if it is safe. This paradox is ironically labelled as “co-operation in a competitive envirnment”. It is the same paradox we find in organisation when they have to innovate i.e. “great idea Bob, you go ahead and try it!”
Read the remainder of this posting and let me know what you think. I am curious. The grey matter is stirring on this one.
PS - You can certainly leave a comment on Aiden's post but it is a bit more involved.
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