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Monday, May 22, 2006

Conversation continued

I found this conversation underway at MarketingProfs:DailyFix via a posting by Andrea Learned on her blog.

Andrea, you may recall, was interviewed her earlier on where are the women?

Jump on over and join the conversation!

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  • At 10:14 PM, Blogger Judie Pairan said…

    jumping in...listening to Queen..."One sentimental moment of love is better than a lifetime alone" says so much. "One sentimental moment..." Our global, human lifeforce, that which leads us endlessly toward whatever we do...our values, our missions, our visions, seem to coalesce, come together, in our humanness. It seems that all of our conversations are about the need for the all of us to be in touch with the all of us, to converse, to communicate, to validate that we are alike, on the same path, no matter how varied. Today I interacted with my students, having a great time "hurling" Shakespearean insults and creating lines of iambic pentameter about life during the 16th c. The rest of the day involved "chunks" of conversation re subjects that adults engage in daily. In the end of the evening,I am so thankful that I may share my thoughts, emotions, joy.......and it rained all day in CA (song?). Ah, to be human. The essence of educating is not elitism that some may offer, but the joy that I work in environments that allow "talk" and indeed, "choice of talk." Some may call that academic freedom; actually, it's more fun just to talk. EGAD, Queen is now singing,Then, "I want it all now..." One may consider. in business and in life, what is most important? It all seems to blend.Indeed, The World is Flat.(Friedman)

  • At 6:52 PM, Blogger Steve Sherlock said…

    yes, the joy of a conversation with no real end in mind. It just starts and meanders where it will. A virtual "yellow brick road"!


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