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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

From Seth to a Leadership answer

From Seth Godin writing at Seth's Blog comes this gem:

I think the answer is subtle and simple: over time, as blogs reach the mass market, the number of new readers coming in is going to go down, and the percentage of loyal readers will increase. The loyal readers are going to matter more.

Blogs with restraint, selectivity, cogency and brevity (okay, that's a long way of saying "making every word count") will use attention more efficiently and ought to win.

In the meantime, though, I don't see the world getting any quieter.

I think this fits in to the ongoing discussion about leadership on the blog Synergy. Tim had responded with what leadership would look like on the blogosphere. His points map nicely to what we are building via consensus a leader should do anyway, the points just happen to be specific to blogging. Hence, Seth's quote confirms what we need to do.

Make every word count! or as one of my other posts says:

The voice, you the blogger or blogher, should focus your writing on the fully engaged part. Feed them as much as they can feed you in turn. There is a mutual dependence.


Listen to your audience, pay attention to what they tell you. They sell no mirage. They have come to you for food and sustenance. Feed them.

Feed them and you will find sustenance for yourself.

So summarizing Tim's points blog Synergy needs to be
  1. a strong voice. We are many voices, strong and diverse in our rich and varied backgrounds.
  2. connecting people. Our objective for sure, how well we are doing now is only the baseline upon which we can improve.
  3. innovate with technology. Some of our "offline" explorations will bear fruit to share here.
  4. produce outside the blogosphere. A longer term goal of ours but on our radar.
  5. meet a felt need. The monthly themes should help us to do this. You, the reader, can let us know if we are on track or not.
  6. help to create the web 2.0 experience. The web 2.0 is many things but the essence of it I think can be boiled down to the interaction of the site with the readership so that they feel it is personalized for them. This maybe more difficult to accomplish technically but we should be able to get there practically.


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