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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Green Eggs, Ham and Synergy

I balked at blogging here at the blog Synergy, waiting for some flash of inspiration, or some profound brainchild about teamwork or collaboration or synergy. I dined on RSS feeds and Technorati searches and gulped down blogrolls in long draughts hoping the fare would spark my synapses and begin them popping, but for days, seeming weeks, nothing happened. My patience waned. I began to feel guilty. I started this, I thought. I can't not blog here.

I hurt my back, again, this past week-end. I don't know what I did. Nothing, I think. I don't remember. I think I woke up in pain. It was ridiculous. I couldn't bend over to put on my socks.

"You back hurt?" My son said.

"Yeah," I replied. I wanted to roll back under the covers and go to sleep, but for some reason I couldn't. Perhaps, it was Julia and Andrew jumping on the bed or the cartoons blaring from the T.V. set on the dresser. Maybe it was the smell of bacon.

Bacon? Interesting. Not yum! Not wow! Not yipee! Just interesting.

I'm a geek.

I got to my feet and hobbled into the kitchen. Alisa was standing at the stove making scrambled eggs. She called over her shoulder to the children, "Breakfast is ready!"

I sat down at my regular spot at the kitchen table. Julia and Andrew ran into the room and jumped into their seats.

"We having green eggs and ham!" Andrew smiled.

"Everyone helped," Alisa said as she dished the eggs. Julia made the toast and set out the plates and Andrew set out the forks and napkins.

It was teamwork, each person contributing according to their ability. After breakfast, I managed to help Alisa with the dishes and as I did my synapses began popping.



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