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Friday, September 16, 2005

Synergy at Home

Commenting on Rosa's recent post...

Steve Sherlock wrote,
Of people I have met with whom the conversation has flowed like that, they have generally ended up life long friends... and one of them became my wife...

Trevor Gay wrote,
Like Steve my best conversations are with Annie my life partner and the love of my life.
This, of course, isn't happenstance. It's no secret that people who are happy at home are more apt to be happy at work. Ergo, people who are successful at home are more likely to be successful at work. What is the correlation? It's communication. It's teamwork. It's the ability to synergize.

Like Steve and Trevor, I am fortunate in this respect. 10 years ago I was walking across a parking lot in Dallas, Texas when I spotted a girl wearing a red flannel shirt, blue jean cutoffs, and birkenstocks crossing in the opposite direction. Her arms were full of books and she was striding across the pavement deliberately. Minutes later I told my roommate I had just met the woman I was going to marry. This November Alisa and I will celebrate our ninth anniversary. She is my soulmate and my best friend.


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