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Monday, August 08, 2005

Bumper sticker irritation

"I do what my rice crispies tell me"

Observed just the other day on a pick-up truck and it has been hanging with me, nagging me, won't go away I guess until I blogorcise it. (Yep, just made up the word. Sounds pretty good. Thank you English language.)

Why would someone admit to this?

This world has so many challenges, so many trials, so many big issues... Why?

To borrow a comment I made elsewhere:
... Optimism is the way to go. A good attitude comes from within. A good attitude helps to showcase ones' assets.

Optimism is food for a good attitude. Optimism attracts reinforcement of good attitude!

Keep your head held high!


  • At 9:05 AM, Blogger Rosa Say said…

    Good thoughts Steve. Optimism is one of my favorite words; this has become one of the mantras in my classes and coaching:

    Optimism: don't leave home without it.
    Can't lead without it.
    Shouldn't manage without it.

    Blogorcise is a good word too :-)


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