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Friday, July 29, 2005

Can't go wrong with Friedman's advice

Thomas L Friedman's address to the 2005 graduating class at Williams College is well worth reading.

It is a good commencement address. Not overly long, six major lessons, plenty of quoteable text.
The ability to learn how to learn is what enables you to adapt and stay special or specialized. Well then, a ninth grader in St. Paul asked me, how do you learn how to learn?

"Wow," I said to him, "that's a really good question." I told him that I think the best way to learn how to learn is to go around and ask all your friends who are the best teachers in your school and then just take their classes, whether it is Greek Mythology or physics. Because I think probably the best way to learn how to learn is to love learning.

Check it out the full text here.

What did you learn today? or this week?

Do you love to learn?


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