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Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Learning Styles and Habits with Books

In honor of Joyful Jubilant Learning 2006 this month, I had asked five more learning questions here, in the post called, The Learning Questions of Synergy.

About number 1:

  1. How will our LEARNING STYLES and HABITS have to EVOLVE so that the web communications of our future serve to POWER partnerships, teams, groups and communities?

In the past few months, I’ve adapted my own book-reading habits into a coaching technique for the business executives who I coach. What starts as a book conversation easily segues into a coaching conversation, because the book I chose to give them for their annotation somehow relates to one of their personal growth goals, or to one of their company’s strategic objectives.

Lately, I’ve begun to extend the idea to my team coaching. For us at Say Leadership Coaching, team coaching relates to project management, and we pick real-time, work reinvention projects for workplace management teams as the “subject matter” of their Managing with Aloha curriculum. We don’t want our classes and sessions to be purely academic; what they learn must be workplace translatable for the learning to be meaningful, and to stick.

I posted more about this on this morning, and I’d love to collect your thoughts on the learning process either here or there; what do you think? Do you annotate your books? How else have you made it your practice to share them, and in doing so, extend both their lives and your learning?

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