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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Learning Questions of Synergy

Alright, let’s see if I can write this without ending up all over the place. My head is so full… too many ideas, too many choices, all of them so enticing.

Perhaps I should start somewhat at the beginning.

A year ago I hosted a forum on lifelong learning for the Ho‘ohana Community (HC for short, you can join in too). The results were absolutely dazzling. Joyful Jubilant Learning 64 ways and counting. This September we just had to do it again. Had to.

I love planning these things. The HC is aloha goodness. It’s kind of magic. The planning started two months ago in my head, and a month ago via email with an invitation to the blogging writers of the HC, invitations for solo blog estate for a day on Talking Story. They were snapped up in less than a week. Blew me away.

Tim Milburn even surprised me with the greatest banner for it. See?

As a result, I can’t post on my own blog for a while. Now I’m not complaining mind you. I think the whole affair is totally cool. Groundbreaking virtual blog community cool. Smart people, sharp people, learning people cool. Alohalicious. You should check it out: It’s called Joyful Jubilant Learning 2006 with a different Guest Author every day this month. The Line Up is here. The authors have been amazing so far, the comment conversation is fabulous, and the blog traffic is off the charts.

So here’s the thing. I thought I could resist, you know? Take a month-long blog vacation from Talking Story and just chill. But I can’t. Just as addicted as Troy is. Steve is too y’know: 7 blogs counting this one! And Trevor (remember when he lost his internet service and started to go batty?) Now Phil, well think about this for a minute… where have you not seen him relationship-geeking lately?

Anyway, here I am looking at possibly getting a month off the blog, and I can’t do it. Especially because it’s ABOUT LEARNING. Goodness gracious, the one thing that gets me all charged up and makes my heart sing. Something I can pontificate on all day and all night if asked to, my impromptu drop-of-a-hat speech making at its best. Better believe I’m in the comment conversation there at JJL‘06, and that’s fun, but no more author spots for me till October.

Then, this eureka moment: If blog Synergy isn’t about learning, we’ve missed understanding a core ingredient of the sizzle that synergy sparkles with.

So this month, guess where I’m getting my blogging fix? I did something pretty good on MWA Online yesterday, being Labor Day and all, but honestly, that’s a solo deal where I’m pretty much expected to be the coach. Here, I get to be the student too, learning with a bunch of great people, relationship geeks and synergy sizzlers one and all.

So what say this month we do Learning in blog Synergy style? We’re not going to talk about what we’ve already LEARNED as much as what we WILL learn.

On Talking Story the sky is the limit this month with Joyful Jubilant Learning 2006, everything and anything learning the authors want to write on. (By the way, Phil’s JJL‘06 spot is on the 9th and Steve’s is on the 18th. Trevor and Troy were/is now vacationing, but we’ll get them here instead!) Let’s make it a bit more challenging here with some specific learning questions. These guys are up for it, don’t you think? You’re up for it, aren’t you? Synergy happens BETWEEN PEOPLE:

Here are my 5 questions: Choose which one you want to answer, or tackle them all.
  1. How will our LEARNING STYLES and HABITS have to EVOLVE so that the web communications of our future serve to POWER partnerships, teams, groups and communities?

  2. TOPIC HIT LISTS: There’s been a lot of talk of Web 2.0 and Globalization 3.0… What is it we’ll all have to learn to remain in the know and to feel we’re caught up and not left behind?

  3. Have you been patting yourself on the back because you’re a part of blogging communities and are among the web savvy who “get it?” Don’t rest on your laurels; what do you think we’ll have to keep learning about WRITING, CITIZEN PUBLISHING and BLOGGING?

  4. RELATIONSHIP ESSENTIALS: We talk about the value of relationships with good reason. What are the things we will still need to learn from each other, and only from each other?

  5. Personal GOALS: How do you suppose you’ll have to change your m.o. to learn with others, and in teams or partnerships? What can’t you learn on your own, at least not as well, and not as effectively? What are the goals you’re setting for yourself now so you can keep up?
Told you my head was swimming. Thank goodness you’re here to toss me a life preserver. Answer here or at your own place: Put a link in the comments so we catch it... you may get some brownie points for our next Blogtipping... :-)


  • At 2:37 AM, Blogger Steve Sherlock said…

    Rosa, wowsa! Five questions, let me see, where will I begin?

    I need some time to think about this one (or deciding which one) but I'll be back!

    There is too much potential for synergy to happen to avoid this!

  • At 10:10 AM, Blogger Rosa Say said…

    Jump in Steve, the water’s fine!

    I really wanted to see if we could challenge the notion of LIFELONG learning. We already know we who write and read blogs like this one are learners; it’s become a valid assumption we make. Despite the number of blogs now in the millions, when I ask a room of people in my MWA speaking engagements “Who reads blogs?” only a fraction raise their hands, and it’s no surprise to me they’re the same ones who take the most notes, and ask the most questions.

    So, we’re already learners. Instead of lessons-learned, I am hoping my 5 questions will stimulate some thoughts for us on what’s NEXT with learning for us in our rather new global relationships.

    Today’s fabulously insightful article on Talking Story by Adrian Savage asks another great question about “maintaining our ignorance” and it creates another question for me: What will be our filters, and our practices of discernment so we can focus well and put the Pareto principle in play?

    Oooh… synergy is fun!

  • At 8:34 PM, Blogger Phil Gerbyshak said…

    Wow Rosa, these are really tough questions. I'll be diving in very soon. I've been thinking about them this week, but can't find my voice. WOW! 5 questions is a lot to think about. I'm up to the challenge...soon!


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