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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blogtipping for September!

Just off a plane and it is still September 1 in Hawaii Easton! So I say we made it in time!

So many great blogs are being written every day: The hardest part is choosing which to Blogtip, however I think you’ll agree with our choices.

is first up this time:

I’d like to tip… Dmitry Linkov
  1. Dmitry Linkov is a young man trying to make an impression in business and in my opinion he is succeeding. Dmitry’s home is in Moscow, Russia and I have spoken to Dmitry via Skype. It is not easy for us to understand some of the difficulties for instance in simply receiving a book in Russia and Dmitry needs encouragement to continue his great work.
  2. Dmitry had recently passed his Masters Thesis and is keen to continue his personal development which is always a good sign for aspiring leaders.
  3. I know Dmitry has plans to leave Russia at some point in the future and work in another Country. I hope this Blogtip will result is more people visiting Dmitry’s excellent and simple Blog – it is well worth a visit.
Tip: Dmitry has created a Blog that is informative but not over-kill with too much information. Good luck Dmitry!! Perhaps your picture on the home page would be good!

Next, we hear from Steve:

I’d like to tip... A.J. McCaffrey who writes at Fractalia
  1. A.J. is using this blog to expand upon the “outties” or puzzles he has created and uses in his book called Fractalia. Puzzles that have or work toward one solution he calls “innies”, hence his puzzles which work towards multiple solutions are called “outties”.
  2. Outties start with a diagram or word phrase. I have seen something like this used as ice breakers. They can be quick and easy ways to get a group to do some thinking, brainstorming, generally “out of the box”. While the book is focused more towards the young adult, it can really be enjoyed by anyone who still has a sense of youthfulness.
  3. A.J. is a doctoral candidate doing research on the “aha” moment. He brings a different and fun perspective to this area of study.
Tip: Continue to create outties regularly, if you can’t come up with one daily, at least try to hit a schedule with some regularity. For example, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Monday to start of the week with an outtie. Wednesday to get over the hump. Friday to close out with an outties. The nature of outties is that you can come back to them with other solutions. You don’t have to solve them all in one sitting. They can be addictive. Try an outtie today!

Bonus: for those who’d like to know more about the book, I did write a review:
Fractalia: Episode 1; Reversing the Tipping Point

Phil has a Blogtip next:

I’d like to tip…Debbie Call at Spirit in Gear
  1. Debbie’s posts are incredibly powerful, and inspire me more with every article.
  2. Debbie is very clear in her beliefs, and isn’t afraid to be strong to stand up for what she knows to be true.
  3. Debbie often asks excellent questions to draw you in and makes you want to comment on her posts.
Tip: I would encourage Debbie to post more often, perhaps add some series on particularly interesting topics. Your voice is incredible, I’d love to read it more often!

And this is mine for September:

I’d like to tip…Tim Draayer at Live Your Best Life.
  1. Tim writes with a positive and upbeat voice; you feel good after you spend some time at his blog.
  2. While Tim is a generous linker to others who blog, I really appreciate that he tries to write as much original content as he can, adding his own thoughts to his finds wonderfully.
  3. I am a big fan of writers who are unafraid in their transparency, and Tim is open, honest, and forthright about sharing himself with us.
Tip: We need more enticement to click for more page views Tim, and I would encourage you to either increase the number of posts which show up on your home page, or consider adding category links.

Isn’t this fun? If you’d like more recommendations from Team Synergy, click back to our first Blogtips in August: BlogTipping in Synergistic Harmony


  • At 4:20 AM, Blogger Steve Sherlock said…

    Thanks, Team! I have some new places to go and people to meet.

    Blog tipping is fun!

  • At 5:27 AM, Blogger Dmitry Linkov said…

    Wow! Thanks Trevor!

    Everybody welcome to my web-place.
    And thanks for the useful links!

  • At 11:21 AM, Blogger Debbie Call said…

    Phil has many talents. He's been my "techie" angel, helping me with the latest in blogging, and overall support and encouragement.

    A special note of gratitude for your blogtipping, Phil. Your comments were akin to someone holding up a mirror in front of me and showing me what my strengths and talents are. It is quite a gift. Thank you for reminding me to show up more often!

  • At 4:37 PM, Blogger Easton Ellsworth said…

    Excellent work, Team Synergy! I'm excited to learn about these blogs.


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