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Thursday, August 31, 2006

More Synergy Stuff; Stewing and Sharing

Troy asked, “What is the stuff of synergy,” and I’ve been thinking about how tangential it can become, where you end up with a much more complex stew of thought and action than you initially had imagined would happen.

This blog is one great example. At times it may seem ominously quiet here to the outsider’s view, almost abandoned. However the truth is that blog Synergy serves as a catalyst for those of us who contribute to it. We try to initiate synergy here —such as our recent foray into Blogtipping with Business Blog Wire and Company— and in doing so it takes us on another related, synergy-tipped journey with a dozen or so other blog communities… I didn’t count them up exactly, but we host or contribute to at least that number of web sites between us.

So actually, blog Synergy has become more of a Team Synergy, Power of We spark plug for us: We return to it when we need another charge, another fix, another synergy catalyst tipping off point.

Therefore, we have grown to understand, in our deep admiration for each other here, that synergy requires a great deal of respect. Respect for each other, and for the tangents we spin off elsewhere because our lives are so complex in their interweavings with other communities. I guess you could say we share each other well, with a strong trust that the connection we have already established will always continue and be nourished.

Still, the fire which keeps our stew warm and bubbling cannot go out, and we all eventually return to stir the pot. Visit the archives if you’d like to remember these synergy-tipping examples —or to read of them for the first time:

We’ll be starting another round soon.

Over the past few weeks I keep reading this part of Troy’s post, and getting back my own spark:

This is the stuff of synergy: engagement, enthusiasm, and energy. All must be personally engaged in the process. All must express enthusiasm for others input. All must ensure a continuous flow of energy to sustain the iterative cycling of thoughts. Engagement and enthusiasm and energy beget spontaneity, a spark, the spontaneous combustion of synergy.
Thank you Troy. And thank you to all of you for continuing to read blog Synergy.


  • At 9:47 AM, Blogger Steve Sherlock said…

    Rosa, thanks for the summary. This is a good TEAM! I have a feeling the fire will glow soon!

  • At 7:00 AM, Blogger Troy Worman said…

    I've read this post over and over. Thank you.


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