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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

BlogTipping in Synergistic Harmony

We of Team Synergy, are deliriously happy to jump up on Easton Ellsworth’s BlogTipping bandwagon with our TeamTipping!

First, just in case you arent familiar with it yet...

From Easton’s guidelines on Business BlogWire, the home of BlogTipping:

Remember the Bronze Blogtipping Rule: On the first day of the month, pick three blogs and offer their bloggers three compliments and one suggestion each via a post on your blog.

And the Silver Blogtipping Rule: Blogtipping is about making someone else’s day and educating others about excellent blogging practices in the process.

And finally, the Golden Blogtipping Rule: Tip unto others as you would have others tip unto you.

Here we go!

Steve Sherlock starts us off: “I’d like to tip…Seth Godin.”

1. Kudos to you, for always provoking thought
2. Kudos to you, for asking the question that has not been asked
3. Kudos to you for creative use of your archives

Tip: While I understand your position on not allowing comments, I wish you would reconsider. I think that the community of commentors would have an opportunity to be more fully engaged in the discussion of your ideas.

Next, from Trevor Gay: “I’d like to tip…Starbucker at Ramblings From a Glass Half Full.”

1. I have got to know Terry in the last few months through Blogging and I always like to meet up with like minded half-glass full people. This is the first time I have ‘Blog tipped’ anyone and Starbucker is fully worth my first nomination!
2. Terry is always encouraging, supportive and constructive in his comments about my own Blog and I like his pragmatic view of life and work.
3. His Blogging mixes realism with ideals and I also appreciate his ‘tongue in cheek’ humour. Terry shares my passion for Basil Fawlty and that has to be good enough on its own to get my nomination.

Tip: The only tip I have is to have a few more pictures Terry but that is a minor point.

Next, from Phil Gerbyshak: “I’d like to tip…Greg Balanko-Dickson.”

1. Awesome wealth of content here. More than I could ever read (but I'll keep trying).
2. 2 different blogs for the price of 1: Business and Leadership. Both are very well done.
3. Greg has a wealth of podcasts for your listening pleasure.

Tip: The banner could have clickable links, or somewhere below the banner could be clickable text links to the things mentioned on the banner. These are thigns I'm definitely interested in, but I'm not sure how to get to these topics. All in all, a GREAT blog!

Next, from Troy Worman: “I’d like to tip…Steve Portigal. - Hats off!”

1. Steve's blog, 'All This Chittah Chattah' is edgy and thought provoking without being obscene or offensive.
2. Also, Steve knows how to write. If you find a sentence fragment in one of his posts, it is because he wanted a sentence fragment precisely there.
3. Finally, Steve's site design is elegant in its simplicity. That is, it's clean. It's easy on the eyes. It works.

Tip: Write something about The Singularity and bring back FreshMeat!

And finally, from me, Rosa Say: “In this, our first Team Synergy BlogTipping, I would like to tip the 'alii (king) of BlogTipping himself, Mr. Easton Ellsworth. We gladly tip Business Blogwire.”

1. There are a lot of memes adding clutter to the blogosphere, but with BlogTipping, Easton has come up with one that is a celebration of our generosity and capacity; we ourselves get better as we practice giving.
2. The man is bold and brave! With post titles like, Are The Most Popular CEO and Corporate Blogs Really Any Good? Easton gets to the point, however he backs his statements up with diligent homework.
3. Easton seems to thrive on being a resource by nature, as with his recent compilation for coComment: What 22 Bloggers Are Saying about the New coComment.

Tip: Admittedly I have a bias against blog ads, however that said, I still feel the ads on Business Blogwire are way too overpowering and need to be toned down. Gotta be honest Easton, if not for your tremendous idea (and your comment personality shining like a bright beacon through-out blogsville) pulling me in, I'd normally not stay after seeing your blog design for the first time.

Congratulations to our first Tippees! Keep writing, for you create synergy of thought every time you do.

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  • At 8:40 PM, Blogger starbucker said…

    Thanks Trevor, and thanks Team Synergy! Stay tuned for more pics from my travels in the Rocky Mountains. You all are the best!

  • At 3:30 PM, Blogger Easton Ellsworth said…

    Thanks everyone for the fun reading experience and links here.

    Rosa, thanks for your extremely kind and thoughtful words. You've made my month. And your tip is excellent - in fact, at Know More Media we're racking our brains to improve our ad placement. I think it's not that we necessarily have too many ads on our blogs, but that it just looks like have too many. And that's mostly the result of experiementation combined with a lack of bringing the new ad format into harmony with the old blog design.

    In other words, I'm working on it, and thanks for spurring me on!

  • At 6:17 PM, Blogger Steve Portigal said…

    Wow - this is such a nice piece of encouragement, thank you!

    I am just reading a collection of Vernor Vinge's short stories and his talks about The Singularity in the intro to many of them; I'll have to write something (?) when I finish the book.

    And yes. FreshMeat. Well overdue.

    Thanks again!


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