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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Phil has Made it Great!

People, this is HUGE!!!

Phil was much too humble with his announcement here, tucked into a brand new challenge for July --- in true Phil style, he is on to the next big thing, and ready for more!

We of Team Synergy are bursting with pride that our own Phil Gerbyshak has published his very FIRST book, 10 Ways to Make It Great! This is a man who walks his talk with the most consistent exuberance, and in doing so he continually inspires us as to the power of possibility within our own potential.

Believe me, I can personally attest to the earth-shattering, once-in-a-lifetime kind of magnitude which writing one’s very first book is about. There is only one ‘first time’ for this stupendously exciting event, and it is truly worth celebrating in BIG ways, so we must stop the presses here for a moment and do so.

I have already read 10 Ways to Make It Great! and loved it for the way that the Phil voices we all know and continually smile broadly with, came out so loud and clear in all the supportive and encouraging Phil-ness we have gotten so accustomed to gobbling up.

And this is not just your normal book. Not in the traditional sense you may think of. What Phil has created for us is a workbook, or more concisely, a Work it! book, so we can make something great happen in our lives. So we never settle. So we can be catalysts.

Are you up for that challenge? If you are a passive reader, Phil’s book may not be for you; then again, neither is greatness.

However if you are a blog Synergy reader, you DO want greatness in your destiny! We know you do!

Buy your copy of 10 Ways to Make It Great! TODAY, and add your comment here to congratulate Phil, won’t you?

Then, take up his challenge: What goals are you working on?

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  • At 3:02 AM, Blogger Trevor Gay said…

    Well said Rosa – I endorse every word you say.

    The joy of writing a book is amazing. When my book was finally published I felt enormous pride as I actually held the first copy of the book in my hand. I guess it is the tangible evidence of all the work that goes into it. Phil has done that too and I'm sure he will have the same joyful feeling. He deserves huge pats on the back!!

    I have ordered my copy of Phil's book.

    I am privileged to know Phil and his passion and energy is matched by his integrity, humility and generosity.

    Go Phil!

  • At 7:44 PM, Blogger Phil Gerbyshak said…

    Thank you Rosa, and Trevor, for your continued support. I am excitedly humbled by your outpouring of affection, and I am equally priveleged to synergize with our entire team here at Synergy!

    Honk Honk Power of We!


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