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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Celebrate your Four-Fold Capacity.

Are you a manager?
Trevor has inspired us in writing about “people over programmes” this month, and if he has you thinking too, I invite you to take a look at an article I wrote for today.

Inspired by some project work I’m currently tracking by two of my corporate clients, I wrote about the four-fold capacity just waiting to be discovered in people, and how you can apply it to mentorship.

When we mentor, we want to help another discover all they are capable of achieving in a full exploration and celebration of who they are, and who they can be.

Today, I look at our capacity for work in four different ways; physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Within each realm, we can reveal the incredible potential people have, because we look at their innate strengths with a bigger view; we ‘see more’ of them in that we see them with a greater wholeness.

At, I look at these four different dimensions of human capacity one at a time. In short list form, they include:

Physical Capacity
athleticism and health
demeanor and our disposition
personality traits
learned skills
born-in talents

Intellectual Capacity
knowledge and how we use it
how we think and reason
how we make decisions
problem-solving ability
thirst for learning
idea generation

Emotional Capacity
self-esteem and confidence
the assertiveness which stems from personal values
our tolerance and load factors for stress and burn-out
sense of belonging
the need for security
energy level

Spiritual Capacity
our inventory of personal values,
grounding and sense of place
the aloha spirit
social responsibility and civic duty
humanitarian endeavor

Would you add anything to my list?

You can read more here: Discover your 4-Fold Capacity


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