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Friday, February 17, 2006

Improvised relationships, a gift

I like Patricia Ryan Madson´s new book´s title, Steve. Improv Wisdom is becoming a source of pleasant experiences for me. I don´t refer to learning experiences or just working ones, but especially some improvised personal relationships that are showing me how colourful life can be without previous planning.

It´s just a matter of leaving your heart open to new experiences. As I have just told, last week was very special for me. I held some interesting though a bit crazy conversations with quite weird people.

The fact that most interests me now, is how easy it is to build a great relationship even if you don´t know the other person. I tried this with my now-already-friend Jon. We were attending the same Leadership Development Program and I had no place to sleep in. Jon was sitting beside me, he imagined I could have no place to go and just asked me: Do you want to come to sleep to my house? Great, I said. I just had no idea where I could go elsewhere (well, I admit I had a B-plan, but anyway). Jon and me stayed three hours talking about Plato and the soul and found out both had had the same teachers in our Ph.D. Programs. When we told the rest of our colleagues they just could laugh and say:Ok, you both are adventurers, aren´t you?

The second example happened to me last week. I was travelling by bus from Vitoria to Bilbao and the person seating beside me asked me if I wanted to read his newspaper. We just started talking about soccer, he told me he was from Barcelona, he had a designer-sister and worked for a University in Vic. I gave him my business card and then each followed his own path. But what a time we spent together!

This is chaos taken to the realm of personal relationships. I reccomend everyone trying it. Then tell us. I´ll be listening.


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