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Friday, February 24, 2006

I’m giving Malcolm Gladwell some breathing room

Just in my own small, very small, contentedly small way.

I’ve decided I am not going to subscribe to Malcolm Gladwell’s new blog.

I like Malcolm Gladwell. I’ve read both his books, and I admire his writing. My decision has nothing to do with him.

There is just so much in my world I prefer to take notice of. Like my time right here with Team Synergy and all of you, and with my own blog’s community.

I’m sure Malcolm will be just fine without me.

I see that in BlogLines alone he has 372 subscribers in less than 2 days time for his new blog, and I worry about him. The poor guy hasn’t even been able to design a decent About Page yet.

I have no idea how he is going to keep up with all the comments there already. I don’t even have time to read them.

The very cool, very liberating thing is that I don’t have to.

With all those people reading, I figure I’ll hear about any earth-shattering insights at Malcolm‘s place eventually.

And frankly, and with no disrespect whatsoever to Malcolm or his readers, the comments here, and in our own spider-web of virtual communities are much more interesting to me.

Good luck Mr. Gladwell. I think you’re going to need it. Better than luck, I’ll say a prayer for you, because I really, really hope you’ll be able to write another book with this runaway blog on your hands.


  • At 4:47 AM, Blogger Steve Sherlock said…

    Yes, Rosa, I too wish him well. I have subscribed but I am not sure that I will be able to keep up with all the comments.

    I was going to do a posting for the Hitchhiker Guide but that seems unnecessary, he is already being found.

    I'll continue to find others out on the long tail!

  • At 9:19 AM, Blogger Rosa Say said…

    I know you'll find others Steve - we all count on yur recommendations!

    By the way, I am really enjoying your comment column added to Steve's 2 Cents. When it comes to responsiveness and engagement, we all can learn much from you.


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