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Friday, November 18, 2005

Synergy and inertia

The fate of a succesful leader is sometimes defined as being able to tak advantage of the big trends of history. I remember a dialogue between Brutus (James Mason) and Cassius, his co-conspirator against Julius Caesar saying something like
To put fate on our side we must identify the human tide and its flows. We must take advantage of these changing flows.
I´d like to connect the idea of flow with the idea of inertia. To what rate do these flows become the effect of pure inertia, of externally influenced forces? And I want to put this question in connection with the current practices of direct marketing. We claim to be respectful with customers, to ask them for permission, not to act without that permission and taking account of their interests and wills.

Recently Tom Asacker wrote an interesting post wondering about the real effectiveness of permission marketing as ideology. Many many marketers keep using the same techniques of aggressive unrespectful actions addressed to massive groups of pople (they are not customers for they have not previous relationship with the brand or the relationship has been very casual).
I get these ads and advertising messages everyday. You just have to go to a Bank and ask for information and you will see they care about everything but about your likes or interests.

Why do marketers keep using these techniques? If it is good for them, if there´s people who answer to these messages, what is the reason to act that way? Is it a matter of inertia?

I've started talking about the human tide and have finnally achieved to the idea of inertia. In the case of leaders guided by an idea of respect and permissive communications, do you think it is possible to achieve synergies when inertial forces play such a definite role?


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