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Monday, October 24, 2005

Social playing with Tagzania

Recently I wrote a post about the spirit of nomadism. The ancient nomads where discoverers and the new nomads are those who have made an adventure out of their lives.

But in ancient times, some people and some peoples decided to stay in a certain place and work the land. This was the beginning of agriculture and of a way of life based on sedentarism. After them, most of us have been grown up in a sedentary world.

The effect of becoming sedentary brought a new phenomenon to the daily lives of the last nomads/first sedentaries. This phenomenon is boredom. The nomad was never bored, the sedentary always finds reasons to be bored.

So what is the solution to boredom in a sedentary way of life? The answer is play.

Now that technologies are having such an impact in our lives and despite we live in mainly sedentary contexts, new opportunities to play emerge in the net.

I´d like to present you Tagzania, a social software aimed to tag all the places you love/like/dislike/hate in the world. If you are a football supporter, you can tag the towns your favorite team´s going to play this season. If you are a music fan you can tag your favorite bars and discos. Well, everything located on this earth can be tagged in Tagzania.


  • At 6:49 PM, Blogger Steve Sherlock said…

    Yes, looks like something I'll play with. thanks!

  • At 11:15 AM, Blogger omm said…

    I will give it a go too, thanks for the recomendation.
    With regards to the comments on the post I don't know who was suffering of boredoness, if nomads or sedentaries. See, it could be that the nomads were the ones not finding joy in anything around at any place and that's because they had to depart -not talking here about more basic human needs-. Having been aducated for the "external", as all of us in this society, I support also closer ways of finding joy, such as in instrospection, imagination or using the available resources. From this point of view the sedentaries wouldn't need to be especially less busy than the nomads, nor more bored. It depends on where the focus is and on adapting to the context; at the end same nomads than sedentaries ways of living were responses to circumstances of Nature and both have been equally useful to the development of our civilization.


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