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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Keeping it personal

Recently I found out that a close friend (and I’m very confident he’d say that about me too) has a personal assistant. I was astonished that he has one.

Now I feel a bit naïve writing this, for of course he has one. He’s a bigwig VP in a bigwig company, he travels a lot, speaks and presents a lot, and is a supreme networker. With all he handles he’s got to be the best male multi-tasker I know (please guys, no offense, I just write that distinction as an observation of my personal circle of professional friends.) I just somehow assumed he didn’t have a personal administrative assistant because she has never once touched something that happens between us.

The only numbers I have for him came from a card he gave me that I thought was his business card. Turns out I have his direct line (his voicemail message, not hers), his cell phone number, and his home number. He’s sent me cards and packages, and although he’s a high-tech guy, they always have hand-written address labels and hand-written notes tucked inside with some personal sentiment. If I send him an email, he’s the only one that answers it, and if he sends me something from his company (I do business with them) it only comes directly from him.

I found out about his assistant when he mentioned that she was helping him with some research on a conference venue in a new city. When I revealed my surprise to him, this was his response,

“Oh come on Rosa, sure you’re a client, but you’ve become my friend, and you’re worth a lot to me. Whatever I do for you I want to do.”

Talk about making an even bigger impression on me. I already admired him, but he has elevated our relationship to new levels of importance in my life.

After this, I thought of the hundred ways he probably is using his assistant, all of them having nothing to do with the important things meaningful relationships are made of.

Do you have an assistant? What do they do for you?


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