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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Resonance and synergy

What I call the ideology of leadership is full of some powerful images. Perhaps the most compelling one is that of the one-head organization. In this kind of leadership system the element that compels to action and provides meaning to the activity of the company is the shared belief in the leadership of the leading head. Employees are aligned around a project and that project is led by a head alone. The image that best fits with this model of leadership is the rowing team.

But what happens when it comes to work in a synergic field? Can synergies foster a new way of understanding leadership? Do we have to expect constituents to be aligned when synergies emerge in their mutual interaction?

I think there is another word that can throw some light to this question. It is RESONANCE. Leaders in a synergic field resonate. It is a poliphony of personalities.

Recently, Daniel Goleman has used the concept of resonance in his book "Primal leadership". In my opinion GolemanĀ“s use of the idea of resonance is different from what we can find in a synergic field. For Goleman, a leader finds her path, fulfills his function when her voice resonates in the hearts of her constituents. This would be a variety of the one-head leadership model, but it still keeps the same spirit.

Resonance is an idea that finds expression in the realization of synergies.


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