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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The new nomads

I am persuaded that chance is one of the main factors that shape everyone´s life. Sometimes we think we don´t have to leave any space to chance. We prefer everything to be under (our) control.

Still, my conclusion after a succession of events in my life is that you will be in a better position to face the coming events in your life if you increase the rate of chance in your life.

For Gilles Deleuze, the french thinker, there was a vital attitude that reflected the openness to chance. He called it nomad distribution. This is how he explained it.

A unique game of dices is a chaos in which every playing is a fragment. Every game settles a distribution of singularities, a constelation. But in the place of distributing a closed space among fixed results according to a hypothesis, it´s the moving results that are distributed in the open space. It is a nomad distribution and not a sedentary one, in which every system comunicates and resonates with the rest and at the same time implicates them in the big game.

I think we sometimes face the coming events in our life with a sedentary mindset. We prefer a distribution of the facts in a closed space, indeed our world, and don´t realize that life has a nomad nature. That we are made to be moving from one point to the other.

It is the nomad attitude of finding something new, an unexplored place, opening new paths that helps us to move from the problematic situations of life. It is not easy to keep this perspective in a world dominated by images of patriarchal realms, of closed spaces, of monolitic images and brands.

The new nomads face life as an adventure.


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