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Sunday, August 28, 2005

The force of genius

To be a genius is not an easy job. Throughout history those who showed the signs of originality suffered pain and loneliness.

This is what happened with the famous psychologist Carl Jung when he broke ties with Freud. While he was writing "Symbols of transformation" he knew Freud would never accept his theory and that meant the end of their relationship. This is how he explained the process in his Memories, dreams, reflections,

"When I was working on my book about the libido and approaching the end of the chapter "The sacrifice", I knew in advance that its publication would cost me my friendship with Freud".

Years later and in the same field of depth psychology, Jacques Lacan kind of revolutionized the European psychoanalytic scene. His "return to Freud" was interpreted as a heresy by the therapeutic community. Lacan was banned from teaching psychoanalysis and he was expelled from the scientific circles. In his worst moments of isolation Lacan found the recognition of outsiders of the psychoanalytic movement as well as from practitioners in so distant places as Argentina.
Now, the Jungian School is an educational trend with its own brand and Lacan is considered in psychoanlytic circles as one of the biggest innovators in the field.
These are examples of the sacrifice many genius people have to stand. Jung and Lacan both went through dark times and perhaps it was the people who were closer to them who critiziced them most. But they carried on and thanks to them now we can read their works.
It´s the force of genius that holds them when they are beside the precipice and there´s no net to save them.


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