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Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Third Alternative

There was something about Troy’s invitation I could not resist.

No predetermined outcome, “we’ll see where it goes from there.”

However a desire to be “bold” and “audacious,” and another for a “full-blown mission.”

But not alone. Kākou, inclusively. In the language of “we” from the very beginning, by means of a team called Synergy.

That’s quite a name to live up to.

As I can recall, I am pretty sure I first learned about synergy from Stephen R. Covey, author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Synergize is Covey’s 6th Habit, and he calls it “the Habit of Creative Cooperation.” This is an excerpt from his book, Living the 7 Habits, The Courage to Change:

Synergy is about producing a third alternative — not my way, not your way, but a third way that is better than either of us would come up with individually. It’s the fruit of mutual respect — of understanding and even celebrating one another’s differences in solving problems and seizing opportunities … synergistic teams thrive on individual strengths so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Such team relationships renounce defensive adversarialism. They don’t settle on compromise or merely cooperation. They go for creative collaboration.

I have only met Troy and Steve virtually through their own blogs. The thought that we, with you, can effect an abundance of third alternatives is incredibly exciting to me. It is not just bold or audacious or innovative. It is a necessary step forward, and one with an incredible potential for rapidly building momentum.

There are no limits to the good which more creativity can release. The geographic boundaries of our world are melting away in the hands of our new forums of communication, and we are learning that our willingness to communicate is virtually all it takes.

Because we can effect creative collaboration with our pure willingness to do so, because we can have the courage to change, embracing the growth it can bring us, I think we should. Like Steve, I am hungry for it, and I am very happy to be here.


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